3 March 2021

Types of Dogs Breeds

By Theresa Cooper

The domestic dog is a large and, usually found spread throughout the globe, which was domesticated for the purpose of companion and affectionate companionship. The first dog evolved from an extinct, ancient wolf with the modern domestic dog being the descendants of this animal. Throughout history, dogs have been domesticated and used for a variety of purposes ranging from hunting, herding, tracking, and companionship. The modern day domestic dog was initially bred to fulfill the role of hunting dogs, though today many dogs are used for other purposes as well including assistance in therapy dogs, assistance with behavioral problems in children, and assistance with the aging process.

There are five main dog breeds commonly found in the domestic pet dog population including the Greyhound, Doberman Pincher, Rottweiler, Anatolian Shepherd, and the Mastiff. All these types of cards are distinguished by their varying sizes, temperament, intelligence, and breeds, or types of prey they prefer to hunt. Among all these dogs, the Greyhound is the oldest of the breeds of domestic canids and the second oldest is the Rottweiler.

The Greyhound is the only dog breed that is still classified as wild, as it was not domesticated until after the extinction of the Greywolf. The Greyhound is now categorized as a wild dog in many countries and is protected by law in many places. Today, the Greyhound is often used for sports like Grey-jaitsu, but it is still not seen much in the public arena due to its violent nature and tendency to attack other dogs. The Rottweiler is probably the most widely bred domestic and, as it is one of the most versatile and powerful dogs there is. Rottweilers are used for protection, herders, and show dogs, but they are also prized for their agility, endurance, and hunting abilities. Lastly, the Anatolian Shepherd is the most rarely breed dogs, although they are beautiful and excellent companions.