22 February 2021

Pets and Their Health Benefits

By Nicole Walker

Pets are those animals that are kept by humans and are usually members of the household. Pets have been domesticated since time immemorial and can be found in various forms, from wolves to dogs, cats, birds, etc. A pet, or domesticated animal, is typically kept for the owner’s business or entertainment as opposed to as a lab or agricultural animal, sheep or animals for meat. In some instances, pets can also be used for hunting and surveillance, but more often than not, are merely used for companionship or simply to look interesting.

Pets come in many shapes and forms and there is a wide variety of pets to choose from: from snakes to birds, rabbits to cats, dogs to cats, fish to pigs, hamsters to dogs, etc. While some people may keep their pets as show animals such as dogs and cats, dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, hamsters, birds and other animals come in all shapes and sizes and can be very expensive as well depending on the type of animal you get, the size of the animal and the kind of housing you get for your pets. For example, if you purchase a dog for your young child, you may want to consider the breed, the grooming needs and the ability of the breed to adjust to a small apartment or your home (many breeds have very sensitive skin and need to be treated very carefully) before making the purchase.

Aside from the health benefits of owning pets, another advantage of having pets is the companionship that pets provide. For some people, dogs or cats help people feel closer to them, thus reducing stress and providing a sense of safety or security. Moreover, pets help people save on time as they don’t have to take their pets for long walks, take them out to the park and bring them back inside after they’ve done their thing. In addition, if you are a working individual and you have a car, then purchasing a pet can prove to be a great benefit for you as you don’t have to waste your precious time commuting and riding in a vehicle – you’ll just have to bring your dog inside for it to relieve itself. And if you own a boat, then pets can also prove to be of great help, as some dogs are able to help save lives in low waters or in stormy seas.