3 March 2021

Hamsters Make Great Pets For Young Children

By Nicole Walker

Hamsters are furry, velvety rodents belonging to the Cricetini subfamily Cricetidae, that contain nineteen species grouped in seven general classes. They have come to be widely established as very popular small, furry pets all over the world. The most famous species of hamster, the Syrian or Greek hamster, is by far the most common type usually kept as pets around the world. The Syrian hamsters’ name was derived from the ancient city of Damascus, where they were first brought from the Middle East. Although they can be found all over the world today, they are particularly popular in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France.

Hamsters are generally easy to care for and breed properly; however, their delicate bones necessitate that you handle them with care to prevent any injury to the hamsters’ body parts. Hamsters’ body is composed mostly of fur, and their long legs, tiny toes, and long, worm-like bodies necessitate that you keep on hand several things to help protect the hamsters’ skin, especially from injuries. Hamsters require daily baths to remove the dead skin cells, along with brushing to prevent build up of tartar or hardened fecal matter under the nails. You must also provide fresh water continuously to ensure that the hamsters’ body is moisturized. For those hamsters that spend most of their time outdoors, you should place a plastic roof or other cover over the cage to ensure that they do not get suffocated or eaten by any of the other small animals or insects in the area.

Hamsters can be very loving pets to have, but they do require a lot of attention. When choosing pets for young children, it is important to ensure that the hamsters you buy are free from any disease that might infect them. You should also ensure that your hamster is healthy physically and has good vaccinations against diseases that are commonly found in hamsters. With these considerations, you will be able to find the perfect hamster to bring into your home as your little furry friend.