3 March 2021

“Cats” Movie Review

By Nicole Walker

Cats is a seductive, colorful, and beloved musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, first published in 1939. Its themes are predominantly of domestic cat behavior, with touches of eroticism and mysticism. It tells the story of a cat named Mitty, who travels with her owner, a millionaire playboy named Max, across the country and back home. Along the way they experience various adventures and run into a number of notable people and places, including the giant who guard an ancient forbidden island, the British Prime Minister, the President of the United States, and other important people of interest to the world.

The musical score to Cats is quite catchy, and the dancing numbers and songs are very enjoyable to listen to. One of the more memorable songs, “Poodle for Precious,” has a fast tempo and sultry female vocals reminiscent of a badly needed sexual encounter between two women. Other good songs are “Mystery Train,” “Irene,” “Fur Elise” (which explains what the fur does in relation to the sex), and “Purrskinny.” Most of the music is quite pleasant and peaceful, with little sense of humor. The one funny moment in the film occurs when a cat runs up to a cat in an alleyway and says, “I’m not a cat, I’m a kitty.”

Despite the dark themes of the story and some very distasteful scenes involving cats, the movie is very entertaining, and the music is quite beautiful. In fact, Cats is one of the few comedies of the 20th century that manages to remain comfy and wholesome at the same time. Some of the songs even have the added benefit of being great peace songs, reminding us that although we might have our differences with others, we should try to keep a happy disposition. Overall, Cats is one of the best films from the early part of the decade and will make a perfect Christmas or birthday gift.