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3 March 2021

Sea Turtles and Tortoises

Turtles are reptiles of the class Chelonia or Testudines, in the class Squamata. They are generally characterized by a bony or cartilage shell evolved from their vertebrae that serves as a protective shield. More commonly, the word “Turtles” is usually limited to sea-dwelling and fresh-water Testudines only. But, recently, non-testudine fresh water turtles have been gaining popularity. In fact, some people refer to them as […]

3 March 2021

Turtles As Pets

Turtles are members of the Order Chelonia or Testudines which are semi-aquatic reptiles belonging to the family Testudines which also consist of crocodiles. They are distinguished by a broad bony or cartilage shell usually developed from their sternum which serves as a protective shield. In the freshwater turtles the upper portion of the shell separates from the lower one and these turtles are commonly known […]