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3 March 2021

Hamsters Make Great Pets For Young Children

Hamsters are furry, velvety rodents belonging to the Cricetini subfamily Cricetidae, that contain nineteen species grouped in seven general classes. They have come to be widely established as very popular small, furry pets all over the world. The most famous species of hamster, the Syrian or Greek hamster, is by far the most common type usually kept as pets around the world. The Syrian hamsters’ […]

3 March 2021

Caring For Your Hamster

Hamsters are solitary animals belonging to the cicatricine subfamily Cricetinae which has 19 recognized species in seven genera worldwide. They are now becoming established as popular pets worldwide. Perhaps the most familiar species of hamster in the US is the red or Syrian hamster, which is a more flamboyant kind usually kept as household pets. A number of different colored hamsters, including yellow and black, […]