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3 March 2021

The Story of Cats: A Musical History

Cats is a sung Through music, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, loosely based on the old English poem ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ by T. S. Eliot. The song includes some of the traditional nursery rhymes that children are taught in the United States. Some popular nursery rhymes that are often associated with cats and children include “Goodnight, Sleep Tight, and Let’s Fly” by […]

3 March 2021

Cat Behavior – Why Do Cats Prefer to Be Alone?

Cats are independent creatures that rarely live with their human companions. In most cases, a cat will live in its own territory and will not bother its master in the same way as dogs would. However, this does not mean that cats cannot be trained to do anything at all. A cat can learn how to fetch and how to follow simple commands such as […]

3 March 2021

“Cats” Movie Review

Cats is a seductive, colorful, and beloved musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, first published in 1939. Its themes are predominantly of domestic cat behavior, with touches of eroticism and mysticism. It tells the story of a cat named Mitty, who travels with her owner, a millionaire playboy named Max, across the country and back home. Along the way they experience various adventures and run […]